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Does my butt look big in this?!

July 9, 2013

Does the thought of having to buy a new pair of jeans send you into a flat panic? Do you feel so self-conscious that you’re afraid nothing with fit, nothing will look good, and you will be too fat for anything? Couple this fear with the recent arrival of the ‘Butt Camera’ in some stores and you decide that you don’t really need the next size up jeans after all!
Let’s be honest, we all want to look and feel good in the clothes we purchase. What we wear reflects how we feel about ourselves, our self-respect and the value we have for ourselves. So well-fitting flattering clothes go a long way to helping us feel good about ourselves.

But why is it that shopping for clothes can cause many of us to go into a flat-spin of anxiety? To the point where we are almost hyper-ventilating at the thought of having to try on a new pair of jeans in the store in front of everyone. Feeling embarrassed and ashamed of our bodies. Worried what the sales assistants might be thinking. Thinking the whole experience will reveal to everyone how fat, useless and hopeless we really are. You don’t have to be overweight to dread the shopping experience and be too ashamed to go shopping for new clothes. The dread of shopping is a universal experience independent of the actual amount of weight carried.

A recent study in the Grazia Magazine revealed that 50 percent of women were dissatisfied with their weight, shape and size. Most wished to be leaner stating if they were leaner it would help them to accept themselves more. But it seems this dissatisfaction is independent of what weight, shape or size these women were. Women who were at a healthy weight, shape and size found it just as difficult to feel confident as those women who were considered heavier or bigger than is considered healthy. A whooping 75 percent of the 50 percent of women who thought they were overweight were a size 12 and under. Therefore immense dissatisfaction based on this individual lack of acceptance seems to cause a great deal of the anxiety and nervousness experienced around shopping for new clothes independent of whether you are a size 8 or a size 18.

How do you feel about your body? Do you believe if you lost weight or changed your shape or size you would find it easier to be confident? Do you find clothes shopping a stressful experience?
Dissatisfaction and the inability to accept ourselves for who we are seems to be rift in the women of our society. Making clothes shopping such a stressful and torturous experience for so many.

Would you like to be someone who is confident in their own skin? Who can confidently plan to buy a new pair of jeans and look forward to the experience? Who can go into a shop and be able to try on a myriad of styles and colours unconcerned about what size you may be? Leaving the store with garments that look and feel fantastic on you!

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions then read on and we’ll show you how this can be possible.

The first step comes from being willing to ‘get’ that you are more than just a body. That in truth your identity is based on something much greater and significant than your body. That your body is actually just a vehicle or a temple to transport or house the greater you. Getting this greater sense that you are more than just your body makes it easier for you to see yourself as a magnificent being with so many strengths, qualities and attributes as opposed to your whole self-worth and value tied up in being a particular weight, shape and size. Your weight, shape and size will fluctuate with life. But the essence of your remains magnificence no matter what. Therefore the more you see past your perceived limitations and acknowledge the magnificence of who you are the more easily you will be able to appreciate and accept who you. You will be able to remain quietly confident about who you are independent of where you are and what is going on around you.

Secondly, to be fair to yourself and your body it makes it so much easier to love and accept yourself when you treat yourself well. If you set the intention that you are going to treat yourself as a precious jewel and start to think about yourself and speak of yourself to others in a way that supports, encourages and values yourself then it becomes much easier to feel good about yourself. Beating yourself up mentally only causes you to feel bad about yourself. Thus making it really hard for you to accept yourself! Become like a best friend to yourself and start to see how magnificent you begin to feel.

Thirdly, treating yourself well with food and exercise is a positive affirmation of self-acceptance and self-value all in itself. Eating that perfect amount of quality nutrient dense foods that nourish your body and soul at the right times during the day goes a long way to helping you hold your head up high. Exercising regularly in a way that you enjoy that helps you to accentuates positively the body weight, shape and size you are again only helps you to love how it feels to be you in the skin you are in. By taking positive action you are sending out a very clear message that you ‘get’ the value of yourself. Your commitment to eating and exercising in a way that honours and values you means you balance your weight, shape and size out at a perfect size 12 instead of a size 10 then so be it. Celebrate this! This is the best size, shape and weight for you. Enjoy how it feels and buy those clothes that flatter you and honour this. This is you being YOU. This is perfect.

No matter what shape, size or weight you are it is possible to finally find that place within where you do feel confident and proud of being who you are. When you start to appreciate yourself for being more that just your weight, shape or size and you adopt an attitude of being kind to yourself with an eating and exercising plan that speaks loud and clear that you ‘get’ how precious you are then you can no longer be afraid of getting to those shops to buy those jeans! Why? Because no longer are you afraid that the whole experience will prove how fat, useless and hopeless you are. For now you ‘get’ you are a magnificent being. So there is nothing to be afraid of. The shopping experience becomes an experience of proving how magnificent you are. Guaranteed to help you buy all those clothes that look and feel great on your magnificent body. Sounds like more fun? Yes!

Jeans shopping anxiety becomes a thing of the past… the ‘Butt Camera’… bring it on because you now know your butt will look magnificent in those new jeans!

Warmly, Jo


Calm, Lean, Sexy!

June 12, 2013

You’re at a loss. You don’t know what’s going on. It doesn’t seem to matter how much you know about diet and exercise, or how much you do diet and exercise those extra kilos won’t budge. You’ve tried eating healthier and exercising harder, but it makes no difference. In fact it seems to cause you to eat more of those ‘bad carbs’. No matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to stop this vicious cycle .You feel fed-up, annoyed and dishearten and you don’t know what to do.

It’s demoralising for some who is has climbed the corporate ladder and achieved great success in your career to be beaten by the seeming simple achievement like losing weight. It seems like it should be so easy, cut the calories, up the exercise, creates an energy deficiency and weight loss occurs. It’s simple mathematics. But it’s not adding up for you at the moment! In fact you are gaining the opposite result. What is going on here? Are you stuck forever in this vicious cycle? Or is there a way out for you?

You’ll be happy to know there is a way out. What a relief I hear you say! How about I explain why you’re stuck then I’ll take you through my ‘3 Steps to Weight Loss Success Plan’ to get those kilos melting off for once and for all?

Now the main reason why these kilos won’t budge no matter how hard you try is because of a nasty hormone called Cortisol. Basically it’s a hormone that is released when you feel ‘stressed. The more stressed’ you feel the more Cortisol is pumped into your body. The reason why this is significant for you and your weight loss is that Cortisol’s job in your body is to store body fat to see you through the stressful times. So basically it causes you to ‘eat more’, put on weight and keep that weight on so that you’ll be safe! Ahhhh. There’s your vicious cycle! It’s not because you can’t lose weight, it’s because your hormones are keeping you fat.

Now you may not realise how ‘stressed’ you are for you’re maybe used to that level as stress as being ‘normal’. But for your body it’s too much. Therefore you’re body is telling you through your eating and weight that it’s not happy.

Now there are steps you can take to flick this hormone off to make it easier for you to release those kilos now and forever.

Step 1; be willing to accept that ‘doing more’ is not going to achieve your goal. Yes keep with your ‘healthy eating’ and regular exercise, without wiping yourself out, but ‘doing more’ will only cause you undue stress and the stress is making you fat!

Step 2; Each day to sit up right, core on, shoulders down and back, chest lifted, head eyes facing forward. Then you close your eyes, slow your breathing down to 4 seconds on the in breath, hold for 2, 4 seconds on the out breath and hold for 2. Practice this method of ‘slowing down’ for 10 minutes a day to begin with. As you ‘slow down’ more and more your body will realise that it is ‘safe harm’ therefore it will start to ‘relax’. As your body relaxes it will stop sabotaging you. There’s your weight loss success. Achieved through stilling 10 minutes a day in ‘stillness’.

Step 3; Persist with your new practice. For it takes time, at least 3 months, to experience the full benefit. The more your body releases the stress, and the less you create the stress, the less Cortisol you will produce, the less Cortisol you produce the less you will crave those ‘bad carbs’, the more the kilos will come off. Problem solved.

From such a seemingly complicated problem can the simplest solution arrive.

With willingness and persistence to do it differently weight loss success can be yours, finally.

‘The J Show’ – Leading the Way in Health, Wealth and Contentment Interview Series – Joanne Prior

April 26, 2012

Join us for our Exclusive Interview with Matt Hoban

Friday the 1st of June at 12.00pm (Syd Time)

Matt is a highly talented, educated and experienced Personal Trainer. But if I said this and this alone about Matt I would not do Matt justice. Matt is someone who’s passion and love for life is so infectious. He is someone who has integrity and sincerely ‘understands’ what it’s like to struggle with food, weight and life. His mission is to help fight the ever growing obesity epidemic here in Australia and help stem all the health related illness’ one “fat season” at a time. Therefore he is that special someone who’s on your team when you need them the most.

You can see why I choose Matt to support you on your quest for living an increasingly ‘rich’ life in health, wealth and contentment.

To get a glimpse of ‘why’ Matt is who he is take a look at this:

Matt is the director of core concept Australia. He established core concept Australia in 2004 to provide education on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, personal training and nutrition to individuals, groups, and corporate companies who wished to achieve results in improving their wellbeing.

Throughout the past 8 years he has successfully educated thousands of people on how to lead a healthy and balanced life through one on one training, group sessions, boot camps and nutrition seminars.

As an overweight teenager he can relate and connect emotionally, mentally and physically with clients who are striving on a daily basis to reach their goals. His clients all understand that there are no short cuts with nutrition and training but with positive guidance get the results they desire.

His top 5 highlights so far in his life: 1) meeting and then marrying my gorgeous wife Vanessa and I’m going to be a Dad. Ness is pregnant with our first baby !!

2) starting core concept Australia’s gourmet home delivered meal service with my wife and amazing head Chef Flora.

3) Doing the long days in a profession I love with the most amazing clients anyone could wish for and making some amazing friendships.

4) being fortunate enough to be involved with the biggest loser in 2011.

5) meeting and training Sara and Glenn McGrath and being able to do work with the McGrath foundation. What a guy! Register now to secure your SPOT to hear Matt ‘live’ as he shares with us the very essence of his success:

I’ll look forward to seeing you on the call.

Warmly, Jo

Join me for our exclusive interview with Jane Caulfield of ‘Mindful Eating’ on ‘The J Show’  

Monday the 4th of June at 9.30am (Syd Time)

Jane’s path of living health, wealth and contentment has come from solving her weight and food struggle!

Six years ago Jane again weighed 110 kilos.

Only this time, when Jane looked in the mirror after a shower and replayed her daughter’s recent words, ‘Mum, I don’t want you to come to my netball games anymore’, she took a good look and decided it was time to address her weight gain cycles once and for all!

A huge decision, given that weight gain and yo-yo dieting had been an issue Jane had struggled with since the age of 8.

However, no matter how many different diets, exercise regimes and life style plans Jane had tried, she just couldn’t stop her struggle with food and weight.

Applying her studies in psychology and mindfulness, coupled with natural traits and experience in the field as a Journey Therapist and Counsellor, Jane was able to solve her eating and weight struggle for once and for all.  Jane now maintains her body’s healthy natural weight effortlessly.

Jane is committed to empowering others to live a life free of weight and eating issues.

Ahhh, a woman after my own heart!

I can’t wait to hear what Jane has to say about the essence of her success!

To register for the interview:

I will look forward to having you join us.

Warmly, Jo

Join Joanne for our Exclusive Interview with Analee Matthews

 Editor in Chief of the Fitness First Magazine (reaches 102,000 world-wide on paper and 4,000 on cyber!)  

Tuesday the 5th June 9.15am (Syd time)

As Analee gives us her take on Health Wealth and Contentment!

And Analee would know.

Take a look at her this!

Analee is the ‘head honcho’ of All Smiles Creative, a freelance writing, editing and proofreading business.

In addition to working with individual authors, Analee has been contracting her skills to key organisations within the fitness industry, including Australian Fitness Network, Ezypay, the National Sales Academy and Impact Training Corporation.

Her most recognisable work, however, is probably through her role as the Editor of the Fitness First magazine, which is distributed every two months to more than 102,000 people via hardcopy, and to more than 40,000 subscribers around the world, via iPad.

This is no mean feat I must say!

Analee is also a wife, mother of one, and a Vietnamese-born adoptee who was raised in a Caucasian family, here in Australia.

Because of this I felt …Analee would definitely have some priceless insight and strategies to live a life of health, wealth and contentment that she has learnt on her unique and individual path.

I can’t wait to hear what Analee has to say!

To register for the call:

I’ll look forward to you joining us.

Warmly, Jo

Ignite your Inner Thinner Sparkle to live a life of health, wealth and contentment Avril Carpenter Style!

April 24, 2012

Hi there,

I am doing a ‘happy-dance’ for Avril Carpenter has just ignited our inner thinker sparkle! We so ‘got’, on the interview, that to sparkle as our thinner gorgeous selves all we need do is ‘get’ we are free to choose. When we ‘get’ we are free to choose we can more easily make those choices we’ve found oh-so difficult to make, (like saying ‘no’ to eating the whole packet of chips and saying ‘yes’ to whole foods with joy!) The freedom to choose then flows out into other areas of our life and guess what?? Makes it easier for us to make those decisions that felt impossible, become possible. Therefore we move from a place of ‘stuck’ to a place of ‘thriving’! Now that’s gotta be better? Wouldn’t you agree:-)

Thank you thank you thank you Avril!


Your support of us is GOLD!!!


Warmly, Jo


The secret ingredient that leads to having a beautiful butt!

April 23, 2012

A thought to start the day!

“Successful long-term weight loss is 10% knowing the right facts and 90% having the right state of mind. Even the best diet in the world will ultimately fall short without the ability to look deeply within, set goals consistent with our greatest good, and live consciously.” – David Ludwig, MD, PhD and author

(ok I get it, living your spiritual practice each day keeps your butt beautiful!  How cool is that?!)

I love it!!!

Have a magnificent week.

I’ll be in touch soon. J xxx

Leading the Way in Health Wealth and Contentment Interview Series – Joanne Prior

April 18, 2012

Join Joanne for our Exclusive Interview with Avril Carpenter

Tuesday the 24th April 12pm (Syd time)

As Avril gives us her take on Health Wealth and Contentment!

And Avril would know.

Take a look at her manifesto!

Avril can show you how to ignite your sparkle, your inner thinner sparkle (I’m loving it so far, are you?!)

Everyone is born with this inner sparkle.

And yet many of us misplace it somewhere along life’s highway.

Avril believes that life is meant to be a fun-filled adventure, and that self-love is the foundation for a beautiful life, and a beautiful body.

Her mission is to free women from diet hell in all its forms – weight gain, food obsession, low self confidence and self sabotage.

By uncovering the mental and emotional obstacles leading to weight gain she enables women to lose weight, look absolutely fabulous and ignite their thinner sparkle.

And happily, these women discover that when they’re aware of what’s going on in their head and heart, the number on the scales takes care of itself.

An expert in the psychology of weight loss, Avril’s liberating approach draws on cutting edge techniques from neuro-linguistics, hypnotherapy and psychology.

Avril will transform your relationship with food, your body, and your-thinner-sparkly-self, permanently.

She now resides in Auckland, New Zealand with her petit prince (and husband) Tom, and her favourite running partner (and dog) Pud.

What can I say? But OMG I can’t wait to hear what Avril has to say!

To register for the call:

I’ll look forward to you joining us.

Warmly, Jo

Health, Wealth and Contentment Lola Berry Style!

April 16, 2012

What an inspiring interview with Lola Berry, our very own home-grown nutritionist who inspires all who are fortune enough to be part of her world. Lola sharing with me the essence of her international success is: “do what you love and if you don’t know what you love doing then be willing to ‘inspire others’ and see where it takes you. Be true to yourself, belief in yourself and trust in yourself, no matter how much opposition you face. It’s how you deal with the tough times that make or break your success. We all fall off the band-wagon that’s normal and human nature. Even she admits she has and does fall off the band-wagon many times. But she gets up and keeps going! Be open to ‘how’ your dream may come into reality and embrace the unknown for you never know where it will to.  If you are patient and persist then anything is possible” Lola her message 110 percent! She’s off to London now to film her new shows plus finalise her new book with publishers for 2013. Look out world Lola Berry is on her way! Oh and by the way, her goal is to take on the fast food industry to swamp it with fast-food ‘Lola Berry’ style. I believe she can do it too!

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